Monolithic solidarity:Unite together and adhere to common values.

Morality: Observe the professional ethics and be diligent and responsible.

Mutual improvement:Adopt useful advice,Be innovative, Strive for perfection,Keep up with the industry.

Teamwork:Grow together, Share experience,Help each other forward.

TONGCHUANG, which means convergence,, concentrating on dreams and essences, working together and creating value. TOPCHAIN is the harmonic tone of “Tongchuang”. It also means dream combination, professional cooperation of the team and seamless connection.

The pictographic word “同” of the official script is taken as corporate visual factor. Its inner characteristic is reshaped, and a new significance is endowed by means of modern and simple techniques. Visually, it implies a door which means the entrance of dream in Topchain’s hearts as well as the inspiration of opening a door to a happy lifefor customers.

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