We turn back from achievements and glory. We choose future from the past and the present.

We keep moving, standing on the stage in our hearts and condensing the power of dream. We exploit borders with our partners who have the same goal.

In fact, the key to success is not about how many opponents you have, we concern how many teammates you have.

For us, we are just starting the journey.

Topchain Group, originally from Shenzhen Topchain Real Estate Co., Ltd, was founded in April, 2012 by core members from the senior management of well-known Chinese real estate enterprises such as Vanke, China Overseas, etc. Possessing more than 20 years of experience in real estate development in China. In July 2017, Topchain Group was established, and it comprises of Topchain Real Estate, Topchain Assets, Topchain Fund and Topchain Property. Topchain insists on the mission of “Going Forward with Dreams” and the mentality with enthusiasm and dreams, and focus on Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Hong Kong on the basis of the professional abilities and experience which are accumulated in many years in the most cutting-edge companies of China’s real estate industry. Topchain pays high attention to boutique property and real estate and aims to be the bellwether in industry of assets operation management in China.
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