Totally turned everybody on! Guangzhou Topchain Community shared the fun of the summer carnival, and thousands of people painted together to create a colorful summer.

Publisher:Administrator Release time:2017-08-07

In your memory
What is the summer like in your childhood?
A cattail leaf fan
A summer sleeping matt
Catching the dragonflies and mantis
Catching the fish in the river shirtlessly
Accompanied with croaking frogs
To embrace the starry sky

This is what the childhood should be like for generation of the 80s and 90s

But for the new generation of the 10s
The way to begin summer is like this
Yesterday afternoon
On the old empty Printing Building Square
Suddenly there appeared many beautiful and delicate pictures
Colorful bubbles bubbles floating in the air
A bursts of laughter
Break the silence of summer afternoon
It is
Guangzhou Topchain Community holding a colorful summer carnival here
What exactly is the event?

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As free as possible, a brush paints childlike innocence

"Why is your banana green?"
"Because it is not ripe yet"

"I also paint on my face."
You draw something and I guessed what it is so that all the participants are of enthusiasm

"Whoever raises the hand fastest can come to paint."
"I, I, I..."

"The teacher gives me a demonstration"

“Guess what I'm painting?"
Apple apple, learn English with the foreign teacher


"Hand in hand, I play games with my mom and dad"
Colorful brushes are used to paint the summer in your eyes

"Summer in my eyes, there is a big sun."

"Mom and I paint together"

"I'm with little partners”

"Look how serious I am”

Big white paper
With colorful patterns
This summer
Guangzhou Topchain Community gives children a colorful carnival
Children paint with innocence and playfulness
Drawing a colorful summer

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