Creative market in Liwan Topchain Community丨Go to the corner of the city to meet interesting things

Publisher:Administrator Release time:16. July 2017

Are you always bored with life?

Every day you go to and off work, eat and sleep

The annoying boredom

Go to the corner of the city

Meet interesting things

Meet interesting people and experience different feelings

From July 13th to 15th, 12:00~21:00

Liwan Topchain Community prepares a summer market of surprises for you

How surprised it is

Go with Hui Yajiang to see

There is a flower shop

Wi-Fi, air conditioning with succulent plants

The breath of summer is coming out

These beautiful woodcuts are made of eucalyptus

In addition to the beautiful patterns

The owner said that there will be a light woody scent when come nearer

Shi Fang Pottery shop

Fresh, magnificent, or simple ceramic art

Can be seen here

This colorful cup is called


It is a Japanese craft similar to Chinese glass

It looks more dazzling in the sunshine

Yue Wang Chili Shop

A small bottle of hot sauce

Contains 500 interesting stories based on eating

The owner Wang Yue and her partner made these sauces

And held a very cute offline event ?

To cook for 500 interesting strangers

Experience the interesting process of knowing each other

There are magazine stories about them

Stop complaining about the boring life

As long as you put your heart into it?

A bottle of hot sauce can also become interesting

BTW what delicious hot sauce

February cloth shop

It mainly sells jewelry and necklace of girl’s favorite

These acrylic blingbling ornaments

All made by the owner

There are many beautiful cosmetics and accessories

Unusual craftsmanship

Learning that this simple yet fresh bag

Is dyed with isatis root

Hui Yajiang has been shocked

The original isatis root also has this magical effect

And they

Are made of plants using a tie-dyeing process.

Different plants can produce different colors

To dress up our life

In the bazaar

Even plants have become interesting.

Do you think that the market only satisfies eating desire?


In addition to all kinds of rare and interesting products

There are wonderful songs to accompanying you all the way

The event also attracts many network anchors

They are beautiful sceneries

Take you to the delicious food

The highlight of this visit
The crayfish competition that Countless foodies desire

Is about to begin

Whoever strips fast and complete within 30 seconds

Can get a bucket of crawfish provided by"Ti Shi Wan"

It's crawfish bucket!

Ready! Start

After three rounds of competition

Finally, the host Li Min and the owner of hot sauce Wang Yue won

Everyone is happy like a 200-pound child

Such an interesting, new and fun market

So don’t miss next time

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