Project name:Shenzhen Topchain Yantian (Under Construction)
Project location:Sha Tou Jiao, Yantian District, Shenzhen
Project Tel:0755-82810168

Topchain Yantian is located in Sha Tou Jiao, Yantian District, Shenzhen, close to the West Station of Yantian of Metro Line 8 and Sha Tou Jiao bonded areas and belongs to a modern urban industrial clusterarea under planning and in the corridor of Shenzhen gold and jewel headquarters . The first coastal fashion and creative industry complex in Shenzhen is created. Integrating the fashion creative headquarters base, creative business incubation, research and development and design, experience consumption and large fashion road show exhibit and other "five-in-one" functions, it has become the destination of fashion creative industry office cluster and the forefront of fashion trends.

Surrounding facilities: Dameishao and Xiaomeisha Beaches, One City

Urban transport: Close to Shenyan Road and Coastal highway

Metro station: Western Yantian Port of Metro Line 8

Main property type: Complex


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