Project name:Xinggang Topchain Community (on lease)
Project location:Fuyong, Bao'an District, Shenzhen
Project Tel:0755-82810168

Location quality:
Airport & Qianhai, the future of Shenzhen
Topchain X Star Space is located in Bao’anAirport New City -- the third most developed area of Shenzhen, where the Guangzhou-Foshan-Zhaoqing City Cluster, Shenzhen-Dongguan-Huizhou City Cluster, and Zhuhai-Zhongshan-Jiangmen City Cluster meet, the core of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, making it one of the rare regions with integrated air, land,sea and railway factors and unique industry basis in the world.
Half-an-hour life circle with multi transports
Airports:Fast connection to Bao’an International Airport
Driving:Next to Bao’an Boulevard, Guangzhou-Shenzhen Highway, Yanjiang Highway and Guangzhou-Shenzhen Highway
Metro:Next to Fuyong Station of Line 11, reach the Qianhai Center and Futian Center in no time.
Space quality:
LOFT of 4.2-4.8 meters with creative space and green office
TopchainX Star Space forges innovative office space that is both pragmatic and creative for dream makers, by integrating standard Grade A office buildings with the Green Office and Internet Innovation ideas. The extravagant floor height of 4.2 to 4.8m greatly expands the view of owners. The spatial environment takes on the simple and neat industrial style, and matched the LOFT with smart layout, perfectly accord with the picky taste of makers with personal style.
Quality of supporting facilities:
Diversified office supporting
The Community has a road show center, VC Service Center, Conference Center, Exhibition Center, canteen, bank outlets, coffee bar, design book store, and other supporting spaces. Industrial design salons and A-lister forums are held here periodically to satisfy the overall needs of enterprises.
Stylish, classy and substantial one-stop life supports
The Communiy has a garden-style apartment, gym centre, two town squares, Sports Park, Star Boulevard, fashion district, and other life supporting facilities, which solve the office, housing and recreation issues in one stop and fully upgrade the life enjoyment.
Service quality:
The project offering help for good-to-great development of enterprises
Topchain X Star Space has gathered diversified business-supporting resources in a basic four-dimension framework: space, capital, human resources and services, forging a one-stop ecological operation service platform for enterprises, which covers the enterprise salons, X Star angel space, wisdom pool, roadshow, product evaluation, creative exhibition halls, administrative service, project communication, branding, exhibition channel services and other functions, so that enterprises can excel to a greater level.

Artistic taste
Inspired Creative Landscape designs
Topchain X Star Space hired landscape design elites of China to craft numerous creative landscape designs. Matched with the varied artistic lighting effects, a unique scenery is formed in the park. Wherever you go, inspiration will follow you.

Vibrant street blocks present you with the life you dream
The vibrant street blocks crafted out of the philosophy of openness and communication, as the highlight of the community, are the ideal place for you to roam, empty your mind, meet your friends or do your shopping.
Thought taste:
Clash with the cutting-edge thoughts, keep pace with the world’s vision
The community holds all kinds of activities, such as salons of the design circle, A-lister forum, and forums aimed at cross-trade communications, where cutting-edge ideas and state-of-the-art thoughts reverberate.
A front-runner in boutique real estate management

  1. Strong brand power stemming from Vanke and China Overseas’ 20-year experience in real estate development

Topchain Assets is founded by senior management with over 20 years’ experience in real estate development from well-known estate groups of China, such as Vanke and China Overseas. They gained full insight from in-depth focus on Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong’s strategic layout and successfully created the boutique asset brand –Topchain Community.

  1. 1. Join efforts with Tencent, 3W Coffice, and VIPSHOP

Topchain Asset teams up with Tencent, 3W Coffice, VIPSHOP, Heixvr, IDG and other industry champions to operate mobile internet theme- YT Space, fashion design theme- Liwan Space and VR-themed Yunding Space.

Excellent achievement in Topchain community:
YT Space
The first mobile internet entrepreneurial complex in Guangzhou
Liwan Space
Fashion design-theme park
Yunding Space
The first VR park in Guangzhou
Guangzhi Space
The first sports industry incubator in Guangzhou
X Star Space
Shenzhen Smart Manufacturing Park
Yantian Space
Coastal Creative Harbor


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